Hello Adventurer-

Welcome to Exordaras.  As one of the newest recruits to Laxos’ Explorers Guild, we’d like to remind you of our contract:  You are provided with all the food, lodging, and basic supplies you desire in exchange for aiding the Guild in mapping out the continent of Kalandor.  It is considered that any land you set foot in comes under the ownership of the Guild, though you are free and welcome to keep any items or relics you may find in those lands.  

We feel this is a mutually beneficial relationship with all Guild members that will aid in the taming of this wild and dangerous land to enable Exordaras to become a bastion of civilization on Kalandor.

Below you will find additional information to aid you in fulfilling your contract.  We hope you will be more successful than your predecessors in successfully exploring this continent.

Exordarian Marches